My Angel website has been set up for me to share our wonderful world and to provide you with some insights into mine.



I looked up to see Angels flying though the sky

Not so many years ago I would have told you that I lived and breathed photography, maybe I still do?

It's a part of what makes me, me.


I still want to capture what I see and feel around me, maybe more so now as it's a record of our world.


Expressing my feelings through images and words whilst out walking through forest, town or city.


I am and always will be a dedicated artist !


I hope you enjoy.


Copyright Lesley Godfrey

St. Michael & The Dragon

 I finally felt I had produced exactly what I wanted from my web site, so I decided to go out for a walk in the Forest and have tea in the L'Homme Blue cafe.


Almost as soon as we got in the car I saw a feather in the clouds so my husband pulled over where I also saw two angels, but couldn't get a good photo. It was then that I saw this wonderful angel.


Words cannot tell you how excited I was as I've waited almost seven years to see such a sight, which just happened on the day.


I said "only now I was happy with my Angel web site"

30 Aug 2015

Copyright Lesley Godfrey


Sole copyright belongs to Lesley Godfrey for all of the Photography, poems and text. 2015

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